The workshop will be held on Monday, August 1st at Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland.

Morning: Introductions, critical reflections, discussions


Afternoon: Design exercise, wrap-up

**Specific times will be provided upon schedule confirmations with DiGRA and FDG.**

During the full-day workshop, participants will be invited to engage in two main activities. The first part of the workshop will give participants opportunity for brief, two-minute summaries of their submitted work and their position on games for older adults.  In addition, critical reflection upon previous work on games for older adults will be encouraged as a means to identify gaps that need to be addressed. The session will conclude with group work leading to the development of a set of three personas describing older adult players.

Building upon these results, the second part of the workshop will engage participants in practical design exercises to explore new opportunities in game development for an older adult audience.  This includes identifying some of the more salient challenges of game design for older adult populations and player engagement. This session will conclude with a reflective component that encourages participants to 1) assess the initial results from the first part of the workshop with design outcomes of the second part, and 2) identify future avenues for researchers and designers.

The workshop will be documented throughout, and outcomes will be made available to participants and other interested parties through the website. Additionally, the organizers aim to create an interdisciplinary special issue on challenges and future opportunities in game development for older adult players.