About the workshop

Previous assessments of digital games for the older adult market have focused on their use as a tool to promote aspects of well-being – e.g., fostering social interaction and providing cognitive and physical stimulation. This perspective suggests that the primary means of these games are to encourage older adults to better themselves, which introduces an overly functionalist perspective on play. In this workshop, we aim to shift this perspectives on games for older adults by highlighting the hedonic and eudaimonic (i.e., meaningful) value that they offer. To do so, we will explore challenges and opportunities in the design and development of market-specific games to create empowering and engaging experiences.

In this full-day workshop to be held on Monday, August 1st in Dundee, Scotland, we invite submissions from a range of fields, and to promote the value of hedonic and eudaimonic aspects within the context of game design for older populations.

The workshop will be held in conjunction with the first joint international conference of DiGRA and FDG.