Julie A. Brown is an Assistant Professor of Gerontology within the Department of Social and Public Health at Ohio University. She specializes in gerontechnology with a specific focus on digital gaming among aging populations. This includes middle-aged and older adult preferences, motivation, benefits, and barriers to games and gaming technologies.

Bob De Schutter is the C. Michael Armstrong Professor of Applied Game Design at the College of Education, Health & Society, the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies and the Scripps Gerontology Center of Miami University (Oxford, OH). His interdisciplinary research and teaching interests include game design, the older audience of digital games, and the use of digital games for eudaimonic pursuits.

Kathrin Gerling is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Games Computing at the University of Lincoln, UK. Her research areas include human-computer interaction and accessibility; Kathrin is interested in the design of engaging playful experiences for special populations, for example, older adults, or young people with disabilities, and has an interest in games user research.

Claire Dormann is a Research Fellow with the Institute of Dementia, University of Salford. She specialised in digital games and human-computer interaction, including humour, learning, and the design of playful experiences. Current projects are dedicated to digital games for dementia care, and aging.